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Where we feel comfortable is where we feel safe, whether that be a place, a mindset, or an activity – but where we leave that comfort zone is where we grow. In the same way that we study multiple kinds of math and don’t settle on one, or the same way that a great basketball player can only get better by learning new things and pushing their body, all of us have to leave where we are comfortable to learn new things and have new experiences.

Many experts agree that the best way we can help get people out of their comfort zones is to support them and give them choices, two things that camp excels at. There are dozens of activities, sports, and experiences for a child to have at camp and each one of them could be something a child falls in love with.

Another benefit of a child getting out of their comfort zones is development of personal skills needed to overcome adversity later in life. Trains run late, people oversleep, and even the best laid plans fall apart sometimes. If someone spends their life only doing things they are comfortable with, they may be less prepared to handle these events as they get older.

Even if a child is an all-star on the field, or a master artist in arts and crafts there is always an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn a new skill. It may not be something they do for the rest of their lives, but it can lead to new friendships and more understanding of people who love it.

That potential for friendship only helps a child out of their comfort zones. Having friends, whether it is members of their bunk, age group, or just another kid on camp, can be a massive benefit for helping a child to come out from where they are comfortable and grow.