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What is the difference between a sports camp and a traditional camp?

There are a wide variety of camps for children to attend during the summer and talking with your child as a family is the best way to decide what type of summer camp is best going to fit them best. One major consideration is having a child attend a sports camp or a more traditional overnight camp.

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Sports Camp

At a sports camp kids will learn and practice specific skills in their sport of choice. There are some camps that work on specific sports, and other larger sports camps where many sports are played and practiced by campers.

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Traditional Sleepaway Camp

At traditional camps children will be trying new activities on a daily basis, rotating between waterfront activities like general swim or canoeing and land activities like arts and crafts or baseball. In the course of a week a camper could be at over a dozen different activities, some of which they will know but many of which end up being entirely new experiences and opportunities to expand their interests.

A distinct difference at a traditional overnight summer camp is the experience of living in a cabin with your age group. Campers will spend most hours of the day with their cabin, going to different activities and eating together in the dining hall, and the experience often leads to the development of very strong bonds between cabin members. While a child might see their friends at school most days of the week, living with people can lead to life-long friendships.

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Finally, the environment of a traditional camp is often more focused on personal growth as opposed to specific skills in one sport. Sports camp often develops great skills in athletes, while more traditional camps focus on trying to give campers the best weeks of their year and helping them be the best that they can be at whatever they set their mind to that day.

Sports Camp or Sleepaway Camp for Your Family?

What kind of summer experience do you want for your child? Will a summer spent working on one or two sports be more valuable in the long run, or a summer of new experiences, friendships, and meaningful memories?

Many parents visit camps before making their final decision. This gives your family an opportunity to see camp in action. Many overnight camps encourage prospective campers to come tour with their parents or even spend a day at camp. It’s the best way to explore the camp experience.