There are a number of benefits to both co-ed and single gender camps, but a distinct benefit of a child attending a co-ed camp is its similarity to the real world.

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In general, co-ed camps are split into boys’ and girls’ sides of camp. Bunks do their regular activities together throughout the day and sit together at mealtimes. In addition to bunk activities, evening activities are typically split between all camp activities and girls/boys camp activities depending on the night. There is also typically a time in the day, usually after meals, where campers have opportunities to interact in a non-activity setting, plus extra opportunities for older campers to interact at night.

Co-ed camps provide a level of supervised interaction between the separate parts of camp in addition to activities on both boys and girls side of camp.

The characteristics of a great co-ed camp involve all of the above, all mixed together. But they also involve all of the things that make a great summer camp in general. You need great counselors on both sides of camp, leadership staff dedicated to providing a fun and safe camp experience, and a great tradition of kids thriving at the camp — just to name a few.

Co-ed camps can be specifically great for children that attend private single gender school during the school year as it can provide important time to develop skills interacting with children of different genders.

Above all else, any camp’s best characteristic is being a place where children can find the best friends of their lives.