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With winter temperatures settling-in and the holidays just around the corner, you may not have begun to think about your child’s summer plans! But now is the time to get a jump on your camp search. The demand for high-quality summer camps has skyrocketed in the covid recovery era, and many camps are filling up fast!

Camps across the country are deep into planning Summer 2023. Summer Camp Professionals use the “off season” to hire qualified and enthusiastic staff, develop programs and special events, spend time meeting with campers and their families, and attending professional development conferences.

While summer may seem like it’s in the distant future, preparing for an overnight camp experience has several different components. You’ll likely spend time thinking about packing for your camper (or better yet, packing with them!), you’ll make travel plans for your camper (and possibly for yourself and the rest of your family for Visiting Day), you’ll need time to complete the necessary paperwork that your camp requires, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll spend time talking with your camper about what it will be like for them to be away at camp. In my experience, having time to walk through all these crucial steps sets everyone up for success!

If you’re new to the summer camp search, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are a couple of tips to help make the process easier:

  • Think about what kind of camp is best for your child and your family. How long would you like your child to be away for? What kind of activities are they interested in trying? Are you interested in a single-gender experience for your camper or a co-ed one? Hone in on some of the differentiating characteristics of camps before diving into your research.

  • Contact the Directors of the camps you may be interested in! I believe that the connection between parents and a Camp Director is an important one, and often refer to this relationship as “partners in parenting”. And while of course the camp director won’t be the one living in a bunk with your camper, they really do set the tone for camp. At Kippewa Point, developing relationships with campers and their families is one of my favorite parts of being a Camp Director.

When you’ve found the right camp for your child, I promise you, you’ll know. So while you’re cuddled up and trying to stay warm as you dive into your camp search – let your mind wander to warm summer days and the incredible experience that lies ahead for your camper, and for you! It’ll all be worth it.

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