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Dan McCormack

Camp Winaukee Director

Dan is a graduate of the University of Sheffield in England and has a Masters in Business Administration from Hofstra University in New York.

He has been a director at residential camps in both New York and Maine. Apart from camping, Dan had a 10 year career in sports marketing and business development including working for IMG, KPMG and Ernst & Young in both London and New York City.

A rugby enthusiast from an early age, Dan brought his passion for the sport to Hofstra University where he was the head coach of their rugby team. He is a “cradle to the grave” Celtic Football Club supporter and will eagerly discuss with any camper why they are the greatest sports team on the planet!

Dan is joined at Camp Winaukee by his wife Brooke, a former summer camp director and elementary school teacher, and two daughters Keelin and Nora. Dan and his family reside in New Jersey.