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As young people grow, it’s important to have their camp experiences grow along with them. At Camp Ramaquois, we strive to do just that. We are a day camp for boys and girls ages 3 to 15 in Pomona, NY. With our magnificent 44 acre campus, a 5 acre lake, 9 heated swimming pools, and state of the art facilities, we are able to provide exceptional programming and memories filled with love, warmth, and community.

Home Away from Home

First and foremost, we want each child who steps foot on our campus to feel like it’s home, and we are very intentional about crafting this atmosphere. We put a lot of emphasis on group activities where children can be themselves and easily make friends. We also strive to help each child grow by respecting individual differences. We value really getting to know each camper and help support them not only achieve their goals but perhaps help them learn and cultivate what their goals even are. We also know that the camp experience affects the entire family, and we encourage ongoing communication between parents and campers’ division leaders through regular calls and emails. Parents and guardians also have access to hundreds of photos and videos posted on the parent website daily.

A Day Camp with a Sleepaway Camp Caliber Programming

Camp Ramaquois encourages campers to take healthy risks, learn new skills, and develop relationships with their peers and counselors as they work on developing independence and responsibility. We are able to help support campers do this in many ways, one of them being our strong programming. We have intentionally designed a program that matures as children grow, keeping them fully engaged at any age. We balance a mix of athletics, crafts, cultural arts, adventure programs, and aquatics which present new challenges and explorations every summer. Swimming is taught as a critical life skill and our instructional program combines small group instruction with ample pool space and experienced coaches to increase each camper’s comfort and proficiency in the water. We also provide numerous lake activities and a spray park, land/water carnivals, traditional “song and cheer” competitions, educational presentations, game shows, and more. Optional day and overnight trips for campers entering 3rd grade and above are great ways to have even more experiences at camp. Whether it’s a trip to an amusement/water park, musical theater, tour of the Hershey factory, or a rafting/canoeing experience, campers are able to really dive into formulating and honing friendships within a safe community. With only seven periods a day, campers have enough time to finish a craft project or play a full game of soccer.

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Three Camps in One

Camp Ramaquois goes further to set itself apart from other camps in creating three separate camps within our larger community. Junior Campers strive in their world through a program intentionally designed for boys and girls entering 1st grade or below. They discover, play, and learn at their own pace in a nurturing family environment. Girls’ Side campers (those entering grades 2 through 10) discover themselves and their potential by being encouraged to be proud of who they are and to realize that their substance goes beyond anything materialistic. A supportive yet challenging environment opens the door for girls to take healthy risks, develop self-esteem and confidence, and build social experiences. Boys’ Side campers (those entering grades 2 through 10) also work on taking safe risks as they grow in sportsmanship all while being supportive to their peers and developing empathy. Each of these sub camps has separate bunks and meeting areas to provide the space and autonomy to work on building skills and community in these intentional spaces.

Standout Staff

Great staff members are another factor that sets Ramaquois apart from other camps. More than any other component of camp, the staff members shape the camper’s experience. Camp life requires counselors to give of themselves, and often in ways that young men and women are rarely asked to do. Our goal is to hire kind, compassionate, caring, and bright counselors who know how to balance fun and responsibility. We also hire teachers and activity specialists who know how to introduce and develop skills in a way where effort and great attitudes are encouraged above all else. Ultimately, we try to find the kinds of people who campers’ parents would want to find themselves. Our selective hiring process allows Ramaquois to put together an exceptional staff of role models. The Ramaquois staff understand that building relationships is more important than any other skill a camper may learn during the summer. Ramaquois changes lives by creating a loving, supportive, and challenging environment for each child.