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In an age where a large amount of time is spent indoors for kids, or when living in a larger city, and even more now when social gatherings and outdoor time has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic — time spent outdoors is essential for children this summer. It’s time to unplug!

Summer camps provide a unique opportunity to push kids outside of their comfort zones in a variety of outdoor activities. Boys and girls can learn to be stronger swimmers, develop a love for new sports, have adventures climbing a rock wall, and so much more! Children gain a higher level of fitness over the course of a summer spent outdoors.

Unplugging and going outside also gives an opportunity to kids who don’t or can’t spend a lot of time in nature to develop a love for the outdoors. Whether it’s on an overnight camping trip or catching frogs and fish at nature and science, camp gives kids an opportunity to do things they haven’t or don’t on a regular basis.

For most of the year children are used to the routine of going to school on time, potentially going to an afterschool activity like a club or sports practice, doing their homework, and then heading to bed. Leaving only the weekend for them to spend time with their friends or find new passions. But at camp a child can learn a new skill every day, test out whether or not they like new activities, and most importantly summer camp allows time daily for simple spontaneity.

Time spent in nature can provide a sense of awe for kids not used to the experience. According to a number of studies, time outdoors can be essential for improving mental health. Summer camp can make the creative side of our brain fire in ways that it doesn’t in a city. A game can grow from a single stick in the grass, or a story can be born around a campfire with s’mores in your teeth.

There are countless benefits to spending time outdoors, away from the non-stop demands of technology and our modern world.